Snowblind Aces

For the TIGSource Text the Halls competition...

Snowblind Aces
An adventure/romance by Pacian
Competition result: 1st Place

-Download .t3 file (600kb)
-Download zipped windows application (1Mb)

Features include:
  • TADS 3 game, interpreters available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Windows executable version also available.
  • A short game with the emphasis on decisions rather than puzzles.
  • Adaptive hint system helps out if you get stuck.
  • State-of-the-art 'English words' graphics system, 100% future proof.
  • Yours for the rock bottom price of COMPLETELY FREE.
10% of all proceeds go to the Icekin Preservation Fund. Help protect our shared ecological heritage.


1. Download and Run the Game
-If you have Windows, you may prefer to download the zipped executable. Just click the link above, unzip the download (this step is probably not necessary) and double click the application.
-Alternatively, if you're a seasoned IF player, or you're using Linux or a Mac, download the .t3 version. Run the file with an interpreter from this page.

2. How to Play
Snowblind Aces is a simple IF - or 'interactive fiction' - game. Interact with your environment by typing phrases like 'examine me' (or just 'x me'), 'go north' (or just 'n'), 'shoot the bad guy' (or just 'shoot guy') and so on.
-A more comprehensive guide can be found here.
-Alternatively, type 'instructions' during play.


Latest version: 5
-Fixed a couple of errors in the text.

Previous version: 4
-A few small changes to the dialogue web.
-Fixed a stonking great typo right at the beginning.

Previous version: 3
-Fixed a few typos and a broken hyperlink
-The hint system was misfiring in the forest clearing
-The fire-making bit had a small bug and didn't account for an important possibility


All bug reports and suggestions are welcome. An email address for me appears as a hyperlink in the game (type 'credits'), or you can comment on this blog post.


Sean L. said...

I just wanted to come back to this after three years and say that it's still my favorite IF game.

Thank you for writing it.

Pacian said...

And thank you for playing it, Sean.