End of the Month

In case you didn't realise it, I've spent the past month making a game for IFComp. I kept my sanity by posting daily updates on my progress at the other blog.

The fact I started late forced me to work hard and choose ruthlessly between competing ideas, which was good for me, I think (my normal mode of operation being to work lazily and cram in whatever I think of). I have no idea how well I'll do in the competition, but I'm glad to be able to say I've participated.

FYI, the competition rules prohibit me from discussing the game publicly during the judging period (which might begin tomorrow, possibly).


I have a few movies to Monday Movie, but I'm really tired and I'll be commuting into London at rush hour tomorrow, so instead I am merely going to post a happy thought:



Don't ask me for directions.

Seriously, why do people do it?

Look, the important thing is: I gave them directions to a restaurant. It was just one in completely the opposite direction from the restaurant they asked me about.

They both have glass fronts. I walk past both of them on the way to work. They're pretty much the same restaurant except one's a pub chain and the other's overpriced sea food.

And they can't have wanted greater accuracy than that, otherwise they'd have known not to ask me.



I think I've got somewhere.



Making stuff is really hard and not very fun.


I'ma IFComping

I have just over a week to do this thing I'm doing, so expect posting to be irregular.