No Kerbal Left Behind*

While the Auto-Kitten 1 arced along its slow orbit to Eve, poor Bob Kerman was still trundling around on the Mun.

Unfortunately, the Auto Kitten 1 was such a pleasure to drive because of the many lessons I learned the hard way with Bob's rover, and realising that I was never going to get him to any interesting locations, I decided he should turn around and make the arduous return trip to Kerbin.

*Except Hudbles Kerman.


Any landing you can walk away from...

Keeping my desire to go ever higher and faster in check, I did manage to get my space plane to the north pole of Kerbin, and bring it carefully down close to the smooth ice, nicely lined up for a gentle landing and ice cream picnic.

And then I suddenly remembered that I've managed to safely land a space plane in Kerbal Space Program exactly once and my chances of doing it at this crucial moment were low enough that I should just separate the cockpit and parachute Rayvis Kerman down to the ice - humbled, but in one piece.