So I've finally had a go at each of the 29 entries to the TIGSource B-Game competition - including a 'pirate kart' compilation of 100 mini-games. I've been planning to highlight some of my favourite games in the competition, but I can't shake the impression that this might be a bit unfair on the rest of the games (not that my opinion holds any clout or anything, but I do have a game in the competition myself), so I decided to adopt a more egalitarian approach and create this monstrous B-game mosaic.

In order to preserve the bright colours and pixelly goodness, I've had to upload this as a whopping PNG image, for which I apologise to my narrow-band readers.

The games appear vaguely in alphabetical order, as they do in the official voting thread here. (The bottom right square is of the competition logo, before you go looking for a game about a bespectacled joystick terrorising people.)

NB: I accept no responsibility for what may happen to your sanity if you actually decide to play any of these games.

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