Meandering Post

I'm listening to Exit Planet Dust. I pulled it out of my CD rack and kind of thought, Whoa... I own this? It's really a good thing though. This album is slightly unlike any of the Chemical Brothers' later albums - and they have a diverse sound. What's really interesting is that it actually sounds less cheesy to 21st century ears than their next album, Dig Your Own Hole. Although that's possibly more to do with some of the tracks from that album being seriously over-referenced for the past 10+ years.

The thing is, I really, really need to buy some new music. I've never been much of a one for music, but it's getting beyond a joke now. Pulling out a CD by one of my favourite acts that I haven't played to death by now is a real boon, but I don't think I should squander this blessing. To the music shop with me after mis examenes.

Speaking of my standardised testing, I have three exams over the next six days, and Disillusioned Kid's birthday as well. This is going to be fun. If I don't post on here, you'll just have to contain your frustration and punch a wall or something. I am deeply sorry for leaving you without my perfectly crafted words. If I don't make it at all, throw my ashes to the wind in Paris.

After my exams, if such a time frame is even meaningful, I do have a couple of things planned for Space Cat Rocket Ship. Least interestingly, a post on what I've been reading. Amounting to a whopping two whole books and a trade paperback. Woo-hoo, as the big yellow man himself might say.

I'm also going to post a comprehensive review of what my favourite film-makers are up to. Some of them I have an idea about: I've already posted about Sofia Coppola, Edgar Wright and Wong Kar Wai - but what about Tim Burton? Do we know yet if Mamoru Oshii's new film is brilliant or pants? Is Jean Pierre Jeunet still adapting Life of Pi? What's the deal with that anyway? I know Clooney is acting, but does he have any directing jobs coming up soon? Is Satoshi Kon's new film going to be scary or nice? Will Ridley Scott's next film add to my love or my hatred of him? Will Spike Lee's next film be showing at my local cinema? (Will I ever get around to watching his best works?) Is Luc Besson going to make any good films at all this century? What about Kassovitz? Is Buster Keaton really still dead? (Fingers crossed painfully tight on that count.) You'll have to wait till after my exams to find out all this... And more! Or just find out for yourself, ya lazy git.

Finally, I'm considering posting a story straight from my imagination and onto the Internet. It's 100% guaranteed to be shite, but you know what? You can't stop me! Not even the Man can do that!

Now I must go. The Man is making me do exams.


zhoen said...

If you are looking for new music, may I suggest

All Songs Considered ?

Pacian said...

I'm sorry but all suggestions must be placed in the box clearly marked 'Recycling - Paper Only'. :-)

Actually, suggestions are always welcome. I'm not sure that NPR and I like the same kind of music, but I have found three or four new music-people to check out while wandering their archives. Thanks!

zhoen said...

Most welcome. You can just put in in "Electronic recycle only." I've not liked most of what they have, but a minority has been jewel-like treasure. It is an eclectic hash. Some stuff by Regina Spektor, and Innocence Mission comes to mind. A bit like a rummage sale, mostly crap, but when you find something worth-while, it can be just right.