I Told You This Blog Was Going to Get Silly

Weird Shape Disease is one of the fastest growing health threats in the First World. Increasing numbers of people are eating weird shaped food and then waking up the following day with mice for fingers. It is important that you arm yourself with knowledge about the symptoms and causes of Weird Shape Disease and encourage others to learn more as well.

The Symptoms

  1. The first symptom of Weird Shape Disease is that you don’t feel like you have weird shape disease.

  2. The second symptom of Weird Shape Disease is that on being told what the first symptom is, you suddenly begin to worry that you have Weird Shape Disease.

  3. Finally, you do not feel as if your body is turning into weird shapes. But it is, trust me.

How Does One Contract Weird Shape Disease?

There are two ways to contract Weird Shape Disease.
  1. Eat a weird shaped fruit or vegetable.

  2. Be told by me that you have Weird Shape Disease.

An Artist’s Impression of a Sufferer of Advanced Stage Weird Shape Disease

Could this be you?

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