Not Enough Water? Drink Poison Instead!

Until recently, the UK was one of the leading voices when it came to banning PFOS, a poisonous fire fighting chemical that accumulates in humans and wildlife. Importing the chemical was about to be made illegal, however it was postponed on account of an anticipated EU-wide ban. The UK was expected to object that this ban wasn’t strict enough.

But that was before that bloody great big fuel depot fire. You remember - the biggest fire in peacetime Europe? Now there is a load of PFOS contaminated water sitting under Buncefield, and a water shortage looming. The solution? According to the Independent, this chemical, which was almost banned, is now allowed to be present in drinking water to the tune of three micrograms per litre. Let's remember that this stuff accumulates in your body and breaks down rather slowly. What new evidence about the effects of PFOS have come to light? Well, none. But it does help deal with the water shortage, because now all that water under Buncefield is suddenly safe to drink!

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