I Hate HMV

Taking a break from not revising very well, I decided to go shopping. I didn't actually intend to spend any money on myself, shopping as I was for birthday presents. But I didn't reckon on HMV and the most annoying thing they have ever done. A few months back, HMV started putting DVDs in their sales... that I actually wanted to buy.

So today I see A Bittersweet Life for £11.99. In part I am thinking of Empire's references to Takeshi Kitano in their review. In part I am thinking of Mr McMuffin's glowing recommendation. Mostly I am thinking that Korean cinema is where it's all supposed to be happening at the moment, and I have only seen one Korean film in my life. So, yes, I have to get it at that price.

And then I see that they have the first volume of Shinichiro Watanabe's Samurai Champloo for the same price. And suddenly I have spent twenty four quid on myself. I am a shameful example of a financier. But it isn't my fault. It is all HMV.

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