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I forgot about the May Day protests. Does the mainstream press even cover it? Then again, it's not like I pay a lot of attention to the press (or, indeed, anything at all).
  • Disillusioned Kid writes about his participation (word of the day: "de-arrest").

  • As does a reader over at Pickled Politics.

  • By comparison, Lenin wimps out with a sore foot, but he does provide some sterling coverage of the protests in America.

  • Reading the last few days of posts at Pickled Politics I also finally find someone expressing what's been bugging me about this whole Charles Clarke thing: what exactly is the problem, beside the fact that they're foreigners? Comment number 8, I think, is also especially worth reading.

  • Sunny also debates the merits of compulsory voting.

  • Sunbelt Blog report on something that should have you slapping your forehead with its I-shoulda-seen-that-coming-ness: image spam that avoids junk mail filters.

  • Speaking of spam, Sunbelt also report here, here, and here about a security company whose innovative product is so good at stopping spam, they are now naturally enough the target of DoS attacks and hoax spam emails.


Disillusioned kid said...

Cheers for the link! De-arresting is indeed a nifty word, although in practice the idea seems to be of limited value.

One of my fiends was the victim of a failed de-arrest in Germany and ended up getting kicked shitless by a bunch of cops...

Pacian said...

Cheers for the link!

Well, I thought your blog could use a boost to its traffic.

And it's nice to see you're still reading despite my brain being Mr Scatty's more scatty twin.