A Work of Art

Much as I like John Tenniel's drawing of the Cheshire Cat, it scales like shit (except in Opera, my browser of choice). Time, I feel, to put up a picture of what I really look like!

It's not a physical likeness, of course.

See? There's a rocket ship, and a cat in a space suit. His tail is also in the space suit, which is why it is green. And he is standing in front of a window which is why he is not suffocating without his space-cat helmet.

It still scales like shit (except in Opera), but at least it looks interesting.


ae said...

Pacian, did you draw this? Nice! And, um, it suits your site name just perfectly. That is damn convenient.

Pacian said...

My C-grade art GCSE in action. Although I can understand if you perhaps mistook it for a professional artwork.

PS. Congratulations on being the first person to comment on this blog that I don't know IRL!