I think my presentation went OK-ish. I've mentioned before that I'm on the clamshell side of the timid-shy divide, but I actually don’t mind public speaking. Public speaking is just standing in front of some people and mouthing off. You only have to look at this blog to see that I like mouthing off.

I felt confident when I left at the end of my presentation, but when I think back I keep remembering things I did wrong. And that’s why I'm going to try and forget about it. The only thing I need to do with my final year project now is to collect the marks.

My first exam is next Monday, but I’m going to take a day off today to finish off all those diary entries I started but never finished. I may also catch up with some of the blogs I’ve not read for a while and also post here about the book I finished this morning. But I may not. As a capricious traveller, I merely follow the wind.

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