Friday Frog Blogging

Drawing frogs is actually really hard. I'm starting to regret not picking an easier animal - such as an amoeba. If there was a day of the week that began with the letter 'a' all my problems would be solved.

I think that I should probably get some practice in between Fridays. That doesn't seem like the kind of thing I'd ever do, though. No, leaving everything to the last minute, that is my creed.


Diddums said...

I've linked to one of your earlier posts - hope you don't mind. That's a cheerful frog, btw!

Pacian said...

Link away!

I wanted to comment on the actual post in your blog, but it seems my registration with Blogigo is still being churned through the machinery. I guess I'll answer here instead. I just want to say that I'm very flattered. I'm glad you liked my post! ^_^

That's a cheerful frog, btw!

Oh he's cheerful, alright. He saw the four frogs that ended up in the bin

Diddums said...

Ah well, thanks for trying to register - someone else told me she had problems with that as well. Only four frogs in the bin? Actually I don't bin pictures that I should - ahem. Vividly remember being very proud of a shaky mouse I did, and someone came along and said "it looks pregnant." Charming...