God's Next Army

I don't know if I'll actually be able to watch this. This kind of thing always makes me cringe. On Channel 4, God's Next Army, about Patrick Henry College, where a few select rich kids have been chosen to be spared from the sins of the world. Sins such as compensation for asbestos poisoning and a proper understanding of geology.

Why do we care? Is this just a case of godless Europeans laughing at the hicks across the Atlantic? Well...
Helped by the institution's friends-in-high-places, PHC has already provided the current White House administration with more interns than any other college in the USA, and more are in the pipeline – on the way to becoming 'key players in a Christian republic'.
Harvard? MIT? Yale? These are what colleges are in America right? But, no, you want interns from Patrick Henry College, with a whopping 300 students in attendance. As the Radio Times puts it:
It's hard to believe that people who are being taught that geological strata were all laid down by the Great Flood may be taking control of America's levers of power, but that's the way it looks here.
Yes, let's be glad that America has its present, relatively moderate administration!

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