Woman in a Silver Suit

I meant to post about this earlier but kept forgetting. While I was heading into uni to give my presentation I saw a woman on the opposite platform, wearing a silver suit and top hat and performing magic tricks. Nothing spectacular. She wasn't levitating or anything. I couldn't really see what she was doing from where I was, except that it was making people smile. Perhaps she was showing them a list of swear words she'd written on her hands or something. I just see a silver suit and top hat and assume that there's magic involved.

I wondered if there was some sort of hidden camera show going on. I was glad that I wasn't on the same platform as her, but then I thought, if there are hidden cameras they may want to get some "And bystanders look puzzled/amused" shots. That's why I hope that she was just practicing or trying to build her confidence or something, because I was definitely looking puzzled/amused.

After I got on my train I thought, If she's that confident, I should've gone up to her and made her do my presentation for me. But it was too late by then, and I'd left my gun at home anyway.

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