I'm feeling a bit hypersensitive at the moment. I have an almost overwhelming desire to just climb into bed and hide. For the rest of my life. But here are some reasons to at least peek into the internet once in a while:
  • Clifford at Cosmic Variance writes about London.

  • Sean, also at Cosmic Variance, ponders the nature of existence.

  • Why didn't anyone tell me this? I'm going to have to find some more sources for film news than Twitch, god-like as it may be. Space Cat favourite Wong Kar Wai has been awarded the Legion of Honour. Includes some details on his new film. Yes, his new film, apart from The Lady from Shanghai which has been pushed back.

  • Meanwhile, the high priests of the Space Cat religion, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, have a video blog for their new movie, Hot Fuzz, which you can find here. Failure to click that link is tantamount to heresy in this Rocket Ship, bub.

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