Random Time Wasting

I'm debating whether I should stick random links like this in their own posts, but I think that might get a little bit silly given just how disparate my interests are. I'll just cram 'em into my posts as I find 'em.
  • Twitch have put up a review of Silent Hill and there's discussion worth reading in the comments.

  • Bad Astronomy Blog has belatedly posted about this breathtaking video of the images the Messenger probe took while leaving Earth. See that round spinning thing? That's where you live. The images were taken over 24 hours, so you get to see it spin through a full 360 degrees while shrinking away.

  • Wandering through Wikipedia I find that I am a fan of New Weird and I didn't even know it.

  • My new favourite word: heteronormitivity. Every time I say it, it has a different number of syllables!

  • Finally, also from Wikipedia, here is a photograph of an honest-to-goodness samurai.

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