Dodgy Law Gremlin; Remarkable Visuals

Since I mentioned Kai Doh Maru a few days back, I should perhaps post about my first impressions. In my pen-and-paper diary, I wrote:
A distinctive animation from Production I.G., Kai Doh Maru is not an easy film to like. It seems to be aiming for a Crouching Tiger style 'touching martial arts epic' feel, but its disjointed narrative obscures rather than illuminates, as does, at times, the remarkable visual style.

It's certainly unique, but I'm glad I didn't pay very much for it.
Finally some links to what's on my mind (as advertised). Nothing too exciting today, but:
  • Suzi Turner writes about how all Americans are in danger of being sued for filesharing music, even those without computers. The Dodgy Law Gremlin also continues to gorge himself consuming fair use rights.

  • The Planetary Society Blog has some pretty pictures, which may also teach you some (Martian) geology.

  • At the moment I only read two comic/manga focussed blogs, so I'm a bit reluctant to add them to my blogroll, but I am a regular reader of Precocious Curmudgeon. Blogger David Welsh here posts his favourite current manga series, which I shall certainly try to remember to investigate.

  • And if the whole concept is alien to you, Welsh has also linked to this spiffy introduction to manga.

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