About this Blog

I don’t intend for this blog to become an institution unto itself. Much as I might like to walk down the street and see people pointing at me and whispering, “Is that the guy with that blog?” I- Actually, no, I’d hate that. At the moment I’m just not feeling confident or strong enough to express and defend my opinions at great length. Instead I intend this blog to amount to a kind of ‘What’s on Pacian’s mind today?’ kinda dealie, where I’ll post links to whatever’s currently got me smiling or grimacing.

I may throw in a few posts where I write about things that are important to me; I may try and compile a number of links that I like regarding a news story and provide commentary; I’ll almost certainly post about the books that I’m reading and the films that I’m watching. But the best thing that I hope this blog will do for anyone who finds themselves here, is to send them somewhere much better. Wait, I meant to say: to send them somewhere even better. It’s also a place where I hope those that know me may find things that interest them, or at least get a better idea of what interests me.

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