First of all, my name is not Pacian. Pacian is a name that I found in the hallowed book of 4001 Babies’ Names and Their Meanings. I thought it looked pretty cool and it means ‘Man of Peace’ which is an added bonus. It was always a name that I kept reserved for some exceptionally cool fictional character. Instead I just ended up using it myself when I needed a username to sign up to a message board.

Pronunciation… Um… I always think of it as “Pay-shun”, but “Pacy-Anne”, “Passy-an” and even “Pack-ian” all seem equally valid to me. Hell, change the ‘i’ to an ‘m’ for added catchiness. How you pronounce my pseudonym in your own head doesn’t feel like any of my business. I mean, I’m not going to hear you, am I?

Regarding the name of this blog, my conscience forces me to admit that I have been disingenuous. “All the other names were taken” seemed like a vaguely amusing subtitle and a fantastic description (in so far as it tells you both a lot and nothing at all about this blog). However, now I worry that people are going to stop making blogspot blogs because they think that there are no names left. This is in no way the case. What actually happened was that, after seeing that pacian.blogspot.com was already taken, I decided to come up with something that was both very me and extremely likely to be unique. Space Cat Rocket Ship, a random conglomeration of things that I think are pretty nifty, came quickly to mind.

Finally, let me leave you with a thought for the future. Given enough time, all the names will eventually be taken - and when that happens, I shall feel pretty smug about having snapped up the very last one long before that happened.

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Pacian Ayme said...

Hi! My actual name is Pacian and God knows where and why my parents latched on to it. Probably having to do with my twin being Hope and Hope and Peace together is cool but way too eewww so they gave me a name that means Peace. I am a girl and they pronounce it pay-shawn. I am a fan of the italian and it should have an a since I am a girl Pa-chee-ana. and the c should be pronounced like cello. from pace (pa-che)for peace in latin. Imagine my surprise when I looked it up and everyone else with the name was a hot Italian fella!4653