Lost Cards, Little Sister

Damn it. Three years. Three years I’ve been at this uni. Now with only about two months left… I lose my student card. It looks like it must have fallen out of my pocket at the cinema last night. I called them, but they haven’t found it. What’s really lucky is that I took my debit card out of my card holder before I left the house, which prevented a whole new level of agro. It’s kind of reminded me though. Three years. And for what?

When I left my physics degree I had no idea what to do. I entertained the notion of taking a course in creative writing, but I was frightened that I’d turn out to be no good at it. So I took up Computer Science, merely because I seemed to have something of an aptitude for it. Cue three years of doing no work and relying on my 'aptitude' to hand in half decent work right on the deadline. It’s so fun it makes you want to claw your brains out.

Enough of that. I finished The Catcher in the Rye this morning. I was thinking it was “quite good” right through it, but the parts at the end where he met up with his little sister were so lovely they made me want to cry.

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