According to my mother's 1968 edition of the Little Oxford Dictionary:

  • hawfinch - "grosbeak" (grosbeak is defined as a kind of small bird with a prominent beak)

  • keck - "to make sound as if about to vomit"

  • Levant - "the East Mediterranean region"

  • noways - says to look under 'no', but not actually defined

  • pluvial - "of or caused by rain"

There you go. Your homework is to use at least two of these words in everyday conversation. You will be graded on appropriateness and poise. My homework is to learn how to spell Mediterranean without having to use the spell checker.


Diddums said...

(Thinks creakily)......
....... might come up with something when my brain is working properly! At the moment it feels as though my brain cells are leaking out through a hole tapped in it by a hawfinch.
Would like a little more pluviality around here.

Pacian said...


Well done, see me after.

Michelle said...

"I ain't gonna talk to her noways."

I had to have this word drummed out of my vocabulary as a child. It is quite Southern US.