Tran-Neptunian-Objects, We Hardly Know Ye

Here are some real images of two of the little (relatively speaking) round things that it's all about. Of course, being so little and, except in the case of Ceres, so far away, we don't have the most detailed images of them. That should partially change once the New Horizons probe reaches Pluto and Charon in about... nine years, I think.


Source with more information.

Pluto, the troublemaker:

Source with more information.

Clicking on the following three images will take you to the relevant page at the IAU website, where you can read an explanation and download a huge version. All the depictions of the 'new' planets and 'potential' planets in these images are artists impressions since we generally have even less detailed images of them than of Ceres and Pluto above.

The new solar system, everything to scale in terms of size, so you get an idea of how everything measures up:

The new guys, compared to some inner solar system planet that I can't quite recognise:

Guess who's coming to dinner? No, it's not Sidney Poitier, it's Quaoar! Start taking bets as to which of these guys gets to be lucky planet thirteen:

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