Gone Readin'

I have not been reading nearly enough of late. Reading things that I hold in my hands that is, rather than things on this LCD screen before me. I am going to sit down now and I will not get up until I have finished Orwell's Keep the Aspidistra Flying and the past two issues of New Scientist. If you do not hear from me again, assume that the task proved too strenuous...

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Madeleine said...

good luck.have you a medical kit by your side? just in case.
i should join you in the reading attempt. i may have to challenge myself.
i seem to have swapped reading for blogging, and as much as i LOVE it, i feel guilty that i do not read BOOKS anymore. (or even watch TV-EVER)
it all too easy to lose touch.

i admire you strength-go forth and conquer!!