Maternity Leave; Sun Dogs; Holiday to Jupiter

  • I love the way that the internet, in particular blogging, so often helps to remind us that we're all human - even astrophysicists. Emily Lakdawalla is taking a break from the Planetary Society Blog, to have a baby. In her stead, this exciting list of guest bloggers, including people who have played key roles in the Mars Rover, Cassini-Huygens, New Horizons and Stardust missions.

  • In one of her last posts before leaving, Emily posted these gorgeous images of Saturn's night side.

  • Here's something I didn't know about: ever heard of sun dogs or moon rings? Think carefully before clicking those links, if you do you won't be able to report them to the authorities as alien spacecraft and get your fifteen minutes of fame! (The part where you claim that they wanted to use you as breeding stock to repopulate their home planet is entirely optional, but surprisingly popular.)

  • Finally, although I consider my qualification in Computer Science to be somewhat shameful (it marks me as both unimaginative and socially inept, when I like to think that I am only the latter), I am rather proud of having some passing knowledge of artificial intelligence (in particular evolutionary computing).

    One important thing I've learnt is that computers are stupid. Seriously, don't trust them to do anything. A great example are the various programs used to try and figure out the content of web pages, often in order to create targeted advertising. Usually the results do nothing to attract your attention. At best they are silly ("Buy Dark Matter with free delivery over £20 at Tesco.") at worst they are offensive (I seem to recall something along the lines of a news story detailing a death being accompanied by an advert for what was responsible for it). In this case, however, while searching for books on Amazon, I seem to have come across something truly special!

    Jupiter Vacations
    Compare prices, read user reviews of hotels and search for travel deals to Jupiter.

    The link led to a spammy site full of links to holiday companies, including one selling trips to 'Jupiter, Saturn and Malta'. There are so many, I'm sure at least one of them must be genuine!

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tinker said...

Here I thought "Moondoggy" was just the name of Gidget's first boyfriend!
With the high cost of fuel right now, I'm surprised there aren't better travel deals to Venus or Mars, since they're closer. :-)
I learn something new on the Internet everyday.