My Subconcious Poos on your Computer Screen

The first thing I'm going to do, cautiously, is to change that blue rectangle up the top with some other rectangle. Probably also blue, but with other stuff in it. I've been doodling to try and figure out what kind of other stuff.

By far the things that I would most like to draw are cats - unfortunately, I suck at drawing cats. Instead I find that the things I suck at drawing the least are:

  • Frogs

  • Rocket Ships

  • Mushrooms

  • Men with flowers coming out of their open craniums

That last one seems to be something of a recurring theme for me. Amateur psycho-analysis, anyone?

That one inked frog's head to the right is what I'm considering replacing the icons in my sidebar with. If I can mess about with the image in the right way to make it look good, that is. Ho-hum. Tomorrow I shall hopefully post something worthwile.

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