Hasselhoff World's Nicest Celebrity Drunk

Not for David, hitting people with phones, throwing tantrums or pushing televisions out of windows. Instead, when he turned up drunk for a BA flight at Heathrow, his list of crimes were limited to briefly lifting a shop manageress into the air, leaning against a pillar and telling someone that he wasn't David Hasselhoff.

A witness said: "A passenger asked if he was David Hasselhoff and he said, 'Not at all, you must be mistaken'.

"He wasn't aggressive, he just had problems standing."

When BA staff confronted the Baywatch star and told him he was unfit to fly, he agreed with them. I wonder if he does paid appearances at parties?

Read the whole exciting story here. (The Sun broke the story, and reported it in more detail, but I really can't bring myself to provide a link.)

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