David Hasselhoff, Thy Name is Hard to Spell

(Image borrowed from El Official Site)

David Hasselhoff is 54 today. Happy Birthday, David!

But, this reminds of something I was thinking when I was watching the Spongebob movie the other day, in which Mr H. has a live-action cameo. I think we can all agree that David Hasselhoff is cool. The question is, is that 'real cool'? Or 'ironic cool'?

I, for one, cannot decide.


susanna said...

Oh dear. I think David Hasselhoff is cool in the same way William Shatner is cool.

Disillusioned kid said...

Ironic coll. No question.

Pacian said...

Susanna - Shatner is a complicated prospect, only for advanced coolness taxonomists. Obviously, the fact that Shatner acknowledges that he isn't really cool, but pretends that he is, does seem to make him cool in an ironic sense. But if he thinks that this makes him cool, even just ironically - doesn't that really make him a square?

DK - Yeah, but he's so dreamy. *sigh*