Director's Commentary

This story is likely to amount to between six and eight thousand words of plotless, phantasmagoric nonsense.

To borrow the words of someone (slightly) better at writing than me:

At length, starting to his feet ... Orlando swore one of the most remarkable oaths of his lifetime, for it bound him to a servitude than which none is stricter. 'I'll be blasted', he said, 'if I ever write another word, or try to write another word, to please Nick Greene or the Muse. Bad, good, or indifferent, I'll write, from this day forward, to please myself'[.]

(Virginia Woolf, in Orlando)

Which of course begs the question, Why am I posting this story on my blog? Typically, I am very shy, about my writing perhaps more than anything. I generally do write for myself, and then keep those stories to myself. But on the other hand, I have enjoyed the odd online collaboration in story writing, and have found it fun to mess around with words, settings and characters. Yes, like any hack, I have Important Stories that I am burning to tell, but I'd also like to have some fun.

So that's my goal with this story, and any future stories I post here. I just want to mess about a bit, posting stupid stories on my blog.

Also, you can't stop me. :-P

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