(You find a tattered old tourists' brochure, faded and only half legible...)

Welcome to Unity City!

We like to think that this is the one place that can give you everything, from the heights of luxury to the fringes of the arts, but don't forget to visit many of the surrounding jewels of our nation, easily accessible by steam train, electric tram or dirigible, as your budget allows!


This fantastic historical town has withstood two thousand years of warfare from its commanding position atop high ground, and with a far-reaching view of the sea. Even in these more peaceful times, the Imperial Army maintain a strong presence, and visitors from abroad are encouraged to view its towering guns and regimental guard changing ceremonies!


The country's busiest port, and quite possibly the place you first arrived on these shores! Portensea is a vibrant, cosmopolitan place, with much on offer for the curious tourist or serious holiday-maker.


The nation's most recent urban development, this is a towering city of beautiful architecture and businessmen in expensive suits. Don't let that put you off visiting, though, as our tallest 'sky scrapers' will afford the more courageous visitors with breathtaking views!

(name obscured by a rip in the paper)

A masterpiece in functional design, this industrial town is home to some of our most sprawling and fantastic factories. It might not sound that interesting, but most visitors agree that the wrought iron architecture and moving monuments to recent wars make this a more memorable place to visit than you might think!


Named for an era of dirty, coal-burning industrialism, the move to filtered boilers and electrical power has made Smogton one of the most modern and vibrant towns in the country! Visitors from across the world flock to the world-renowned art galleries and museums, including the public faces of the Imperial Society of Science, the Historical Preservation Fund and the Academy for Machine Intelligence. A conversation with a humanoid philosophy engine will certainly be one of the most memorable of your life!


A small town, steeped in history. The quaint cottages and beautiful aristocratic mansion will charm you, while the peaceful countryside will offer a refreshing breath of air. Not far from Oldcastle, this is the perfect place for a quick day trip when you have nothing else on your itinerary!

High End

One of the most northern cities in the world (don't forget to bring a warm coat!) High End has been the base of operations for many of the most daring and heroic trips to the frozen north. Various museums and monuments showcase the sights and relics of this strange and icy world apart from our own - and on a clear day, you may even be able to see the thin white sliver of the ice caps yourself, far across the sea!


A safe port of call for as long as records and myth can recall, this is a little out of the way for most visitors, although the brief journey across the Eastern Sea is an attraction enough for many. Ridgeford is a peaceful, friendly town, with--

(the page has been torn away here, leaving a few broken sentences hinting at something north of Unity City)


Zhoen said...

Oooo, I'd love to visit... um, well, maybe not so much, never mind.


Geosomin said...

I love maps for stories...
Sometimes when there isn't one I'll draw one for myself, just cuz.

tinker said...

Nice map, Pacian. Circhester sounds rather charming - though perhaps not so much, during Sky Spider season...