Well, I finally figured that it was time to stop staring longingly at all the games for the Nintendo DS that place an emphasis on character, storyline and art design and just buy one of the things.

Cue predictable image of my cat playing The World Ends with You.


gnome said...

Wow. That cat's a genius.

Geosomin said...

So who's got a higher score so far? :P

Turloch said...

Is TWEWY any good?

Check out Sprung as soon as you can! It's the most criminally underrated game ever :)

Pacian said...

@Gnome: Tell me about it.

@Geo: I've got him beat at The World Ends with You, but he's got a much better score on Brain Training.

@Terry: It's grabbing me, slowly. The character design is superb, but the gameplay may be an acquire taste. (PS. Recommendation noted...)

LuluBunny said...

I don't care that it was "predictable" this pic made my day :)