Freefall Brass Demo

So tired...

Managed to complete a one mission demo of my demake:

Freefall Brass Demo (~1Mb)

Now going to crawl into bed and die.


Casey Weed said...

Sorry to annoy you, but your Freefall Brass game, what or how did you create it? Did you manufacture your own program? Did you use something else to create it? It's really interesting to me and I was just wondering if you could email me at caseybenracey@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Pacian said...

I wrote it in C++, compiling it with Dev-C++. I used the Allegro library for the graphics and Fmod for the sound. The images and music were all public domain and creative commons, except the sound effects, which I made with sfxr (the download link for which is currently down).

I got started in Allegro using a couple of tutorials - this one was one of them, I think.

If you're looking into making games but don't know where to start, Game Maker might be something to try.