RunMan's Monster Fracas

RunMan is a yellow, vaguely star-shaped fellow who is being chased by a huge green chomping monster. The only hope he has to escape is to run across an apparently endless, randomly generated lanscape, sliding down hills to gain speed and jumping over obstacles that threaten to slow him down.

Hardly the most original game concept, but something about its smiley-faced exhuberance and fast-paced banjo music makes it like some kind of addictive happy pill delivered in binary bytes direct to your pleasure zone. And it's about the most complicated thing I can manage after my late night yesterday.

Find RunMan's Monster Fracas here.

Hat-tip: the TIGSource community.


Michelle said...

You got me with the "fast-paced banjo" music. Seriously. I love this game. The ending is hilarious.

Bug said...

Sounds like fun! I'll have to check it out.