It seems I've created a complete computer game. Hooray for me! Here is the free Readme that will be included with it:


by C.E.J. Pacian


1. Double click on the "Poizoned Mind" icon to run the game.
2. Move the cursor (>) with the arrow keys.
3. Select an option by pressing the 'Z' key.
4. To quit the game or exit a menu, press escape.


In addition to this complimentary readme, the game folder should include the following:

Poizoned Mind.exe

All four of these files must be in the same (not zipped) directory for the game to work.

--Admission of Guilt--

Okay, although I promised a score by Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the tunes in this game is actually by J.F.F. Burgmuller, who was a contemporary of Beethoven (maybe), but not actually the same man (probably). I don't need to tell you which tune is his, of course!


In case you don't already know, Poizoned Mind was created for the TIGSource B-Game Competition or the "low budget, humorous, offbeat, and passionately made games competition" as the organiser has also referred to it. Poizoned Mind is billed as: "The first game to dare to simulate the futility and meaninglessness of life." In other words, you can't 'win' or otherwise achieve anything, but maybe you'll have a little fun along the way. There are literally hundreds of different things to do and see (due to some mild combinatorial explosion), so trying to experience everything the game has to offer is one possible goal to bring to it.

--Version History--

-1.0: Initial, possibly only release. No known bugs, but plenty of room for inane additions. Closing the window during cut-scenes currently doesn't work (very well, anyway) - this is due to laziness.

I've tested the game on my old Windows 98 computer, and it seems to work, but I may release it before the deadline (which is like Wednesday) just to see if anyone else finds a problem with it.

A Mac and even Linux Version of the game is theoretically possible, but would probably involve me having to find a Mac allegro programmer and getting them to compile my source code, which I'm not too keen on. Not least because they'd see all my messy, uncommented code.

Now I am very tired, so please excuse me as I seek refuge from the harsh glare of the thinking box.


Geosomin said...

ooh! ooh!

need a beta tester?

Pacian said...

Hurry yourself to the next post.