So my poll is now over:

What is your favourite kind of poll?
Gentle 3 (75%)
Acerbic 0 (0%)
Stern0 (0%)
Mellifluous 1 (25%)

If I make any further polls, I will be sure to make them gentle ones. However, I am not convinced about this whole polling malarkey in general. Every time I came to my blog it gave me the chance to vote on my poll a second time. Many people on the Internet need to learn that 1 I.P. address does not equal 1 person. Whatever layabouts are beta testing blogger in draft, probably while drunk, need to learn it too.

If I do make another poll I think I will make one where I encourage everyone to vote on it loads of times. Actually...


zhoen said...

Oh, and I missed it.

Bobby said...

Sorry I missed it.

"Vote early and vote often," a wise man once said . . . or was he a wise guy

Tinker said...

There was a poll? Sorry I missed it, too - though I won't complain about the results - I'd take gentle over ascerbic any day.

Tinker said...

Actually I meant, 'gentle over stern,' - though I think I'd prefer it over ascerbic as well. Or possibly over ice cream. Ithink I'm going to go rest my head awhile now.

Michelle said...

Darn it, I didn't get to vote. I would have went with acerbic... I thought I'd let you know, just so you don't get too comfortable with "gentle".

Geosomin said...

I like your new one because I can vote a different answer every time I come back.
Hooray for skewed data :)