Mad Dogs and Englishmen

I am so tired. I got up at 5.30 (in the morning!) to help my mum at a boot fair, selling off a load of old crap, including much of my childhood. On the off-chance, mum also brought some of the first teddy bears that she ever made (a hobby of hers), which are quite amateurish compared to the ones she makes currently. But people kept looking at them, and eventually we sold all of them.

I was dreading doing this, actually, but it was great to be forced to interact with people from all walks of life. Even if I do now seem to have been burned by prolonged exposure to the sun. And did I mention that I am tired?


zhoen said...

Even shabby teddy bears have a deep appeal.

Take some anti-inflammatory (paracetamol, aspirin), and chill.

susanna said...

You are a good son, Pacian. Is a boot sale the same as a garage, yard or tag sale? You didn't sell your own childhood teddy, did you??

Pacian said...

No way! I'd never get rid of him or the caterpillar who lives in his jumper!

A boot sale is a sale where people go to a place and sell things from their car boots.