Poll on Polls

How many times have you voted on this poll?
Once 5 (50%)
Twice 2 (20%)
Thrice1 (10%)
I have lost count now 2 (20%)

Well, I voted four times, for each possible answer.

Assuming the additional votes for 'twice' and 'I have lost count now' are separate people, that leaves a grand total of 2 people, or 40% of respondents who only voted once, hopefully because they were unable to vote more times. (If they just chose not to vote more times, they weren't really getting into the spirit of things.)

I look forward to the day when general elections are resolved using a blogspot poll widget.


Udge said...

Can't be less unfair than letting openly partisan judges decide.

Diddums said...

Much better than having to go to some nursery school to vote when it's the last thing you feel like doing that day.

I tried to vote a second time but it offered to let me change my vote, when I wanted it to vote twice. So, huh.

zhoen said...

My brain is pretzeling.

Geosomin said...

I liked that I could keep voting, because everytime I came back it wuld be a different answer...I like quizzes. Feed my addiction!!