Friday Blog Blogging

It still needs some work, but I've put together a crappy new blag. In part it's a place for updates on the games I'm working on (although major news - such as new releases - will still get posted to Space Cat Rocket Ship as well).

But I've also thought for some time that text-only games could do with an equivalent of the Indie Games Blog: a place where a screenshot and short description can be posted for new IF. Too often, otherwise not bad games seem to get just a blank post on the IFDB or IFWiki, and I think it might be cool to be able to get a peak at what's inside the game itself - even if it turns out to be yet another 'my first game' game.

To that end, I give you:

Text Games for Space Crows


georgeolivergo said...

cool idea Pacian.

Michelle said...

It's a good showcase. I downloaded Gun Mute, to finally see what all this is about. I now appreciate the work that went into developing it. Very interesting, and not anything like what I had imagined. The writing makes it real...

Michelle said...

P.S. Watched The Scarlet Claw today. We all loved it. I now know where the creators of Scooby Doo got their inspiration! Too cool!