"Dany Boon est Bazil."

Twitch have all eight of the new teaser trailers for Jean-Pierre Jeunet's latest film - each of them focusing on a different character - right here, on the other side of the link that I know you just clicked on.

Yes, Dominique Pinon plays one of the characters. Why do you ask?


Anonymous said...

Coming here is a little like visiting another planet... names and titles I don't recognize. :-) But I have watched My Neighbour Totoro and enjoyed it... got my sister to give me the DVD for Christmas.

Bobby said...

I loved Amelie. I'll have to Netflix this one. Those are my French lessons...watching French films, reading the subtitles. If I watch enough of them, I'll be fluent, right?

Michelle said...

Definitely a teaser! This won't be out on Netflix for a long time... And will be in my town, like, never.

You'll definitely have to post a follow-up once it's out! ;-)

You never thought you'd be so significant in widening the world of such a (now, anyway) provencial girl, I'll bet.