Feynman Online

So it turns out that Bill Gates owns the rights to the recordings of Richard Feynman giving some general lectures on science and physics. If you have Silverlight installed, you can watch them here.

I watched the first lecture - in which Feynman describes the nature of gravity and orbits, both topics dear to my heart - during my lunch break on Friday. It's great to see how Feynman was able to be entertaining while actually teaching physics. He even writes an equation on a blackboard. By comparison, the kind of science shows on television at the moment seem both intellectually bankrupt and boring.

And it's also great to hear how the man often described as the second greatest physicist of the twentieth century (after Einstein) sounds very much like a regular guy, with his fantastic Brooklyn accent.

Anyway, if you want to get some real science in you, please check out at least the first lecture. Captions for the hearing impaired come as standard.


Diddums said...

Silverlight? Wassat? Got a vague feeling my old external drive came here talking about silverlight, then told me I didn't need it. I was almost disappointed.

Love the captcha for this... mulurf.

Every time I'm amused, now: "Mulurf! Hehheheh."

Michelle said...

This sounds like a great resource for homeschooling.

I know what you mean about the offerings on TV. Here we have things like, "The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in Science!" and crap like that. At least that is the type of thing they have on the National Geographic channel these days. That, and cute little animals. As far as educational material goes, it doesn't meet my standards. Otherwise, channels like that might have convinced me to get cable.