Green to Yellow

I really wanted to vote Green. Following this expenses scandal, there's great potential for parties outside the main three to make gains. And I'm very much left wing and pro-science, so Green seems like a good fit. I bet many people with the same leanings voted Green today without even bothering to check out their policies.

Because when I checked their policies, I found that although they're certainly left wing, they're also rather anti-science - the only non-religious party to oppose embryonic stem cell research, for example, because 'it's not clear where it might lead' - something that's applicable to any scientific research. And then they want 'alternative medicine' available on the NHS and to reduce their regulation.

Although I'm sure their PR machine would try and spin it the other way, I get the real impression that their science policy is generally about a woolly fear of anything that strikes them the wrong way, while blindly embracing pseudo-scientific notions that chime with their ideals, regardless of actual merit. And this is a considerable concern: the European parliament has regulatory powers that can easily disrupt research throughout the continent.

And then there's the simple fact that their environmental policies aren't actually much more far ranging than those of the Lib Dems, the party I reluctantly voted for yet again. Surely there's got to be room for some radical party that's all about stimulating scientific research, promoting social justice and protecting the environment?


Zhoen said...

Nothing is perfect, but it sounds like you chose the lesser evil. Wow, not clear where it might lead... sheesh.

gnome said...

Besides they have already shown their true colours in a variety of countries... They weren't that leftish mind. Oh, well. Never mind me. Back to me barracks...

PS. Cheers my friend!

Michelle said...

I don't think the Greens take that stance in the US, but you've got me wondering.

Pretty much any knowledge can be used for evil--it doesn't make sense to limit our access to research for that reason.

Anonymous said...

I talked to Mum about the Greens a few days ago, and she said they are less about running the country than about ideals.

I never know who to vote for either!