Light and Shade

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Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Dione, to my mind the prettiest of Saturn's grey moons, and Enceladus, snow-white world of mystery, touch heads for this Cassini image. Well, okay, they're still over three hundred thousand kilometres from one another, but objects in space have a more nuanced take on physical intimacy.


tinker said...

I wonder how Enceladus stays so snow-covered, when Dione doesn't even seem to have any at its poles.
But then I can barely comprehend how putting trays of water into my freezer results in ice cubes a few hours later...

Floraine Kay said...

I like the idea of objects in space having a "take" on things.

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mark said...

i love these fotos...saw "2001 a space odyssey" again on tv recently--and like it even more now...the impersonality of the characters quite fitting to the story..a chillingness