Friday Release Day Blogging

I'm not normally one to buy things just after their release date, but I've been hankering for a good, up-to-the-minute PC game without heavy-handed DRM for a while now, so I picked up Fallout 3 as it hit the shelves today. So far, I'm impressed. I really like the idea of taking the laborious and boring tutorial and character creation sequences that many games begin with and instead incorporating them into segments of the protagonist's childhood.

By nature of their underlying structure, it's easy for videogames to seem more like spreadsheets or word processors than actual pieces of entertainment or storytelling. Any move towards making things more naturalistic should be applauded, in my book.


Bobby said...

I'd never be able to figure it out. I look at the video games now, and they're way over my head. I have my primitive plug-and-play Miss Pacman. Plug it in to your DVD player and start chompin.

Pacian said...

Ms. Pacman, I think you'll find.

I actually find old games a lot harder. In the 'good old' days, it had to all be about challenging the player's reactions or brain-power. Now things can be more about ambience or character. Much more my speed.

Geosomin said...

But here is the true test...have you lost all track of time and forgotten to eat while playing it?
Sign of a good game in my book :)

I too find that I don't have a lot of dexterity for some of the newer games. I have a soft spot for Tomb raider and the like, where there's mental puzzles and skil, and not just rapid button combos.

I haven't gotten lost in a game for a while...it's a winter thing. I'm trying to plan ouy good games for my winter blizzard solace. Perhaps this will go on my list...