So I opened up my old, broken computer and took the hard drive out. Not really sure what to do with it now, but there is some stuff on it that I'd like to save if I can.

The post-it warning might seem a bit paranoid until you see the huge magnet on the shelf where I normally put random things.


Zhoen said...

Hard magnetic lessons.

chiya said...

I keep wondering why the characters in Battlestar Galactica can't just take a big magnet and go near the cylons :)

I hope you can save the stuff.

Geosomin said...

One of the research machines (the NMR) will sipe your bank cards and wallet ID clean if you accidentally take them into the room with you...and yet there is a computer in there. I've always wondered what kind of super computer it is to survive the giant spinning magnet of science.

Hope some of the stuff on the hard drive can be saved...

Geosomin said...

By sipe I mean wipe.

And the word verification for this is wassup. I kid you not :)

Anonymous said...

Somebody gave me a fridge magnet notepad which I was using as a shopping list... slipped it in my bag, and suddenly one of my credit cards stopped working. Hum.

I don't use that pad that any more.

I have one of those things sitting around too (the HD). It was damaged, but you never know... there was a graphic on it I didn't want to lose.