Ring Scale

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Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

This monochrome Cassini image lends Saturn an everyday solidity that belies its gargantuan scale. Janus, a speck in the centre of the picture just above the rings, is about 180km across, and Pandora, just to the left of Janus (you'll want to click for the full view to see them properly) is 80km in diameter.

Saturn, on the other hand, stretches across 120,000km, and is over a million km from Cassini's wide-angle (ie. not especially telescopic) camera.

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chiya said...

Saturn looks cool in black and white too, it almost looks like a painting :)

Wow, 80km looks so small.. I guess it is relatively small.

For fear of stating the obvious, I'm not going to say Saturn's huge.