Blogger have now changed so that commenters from other blog hosts can no longer leave a URL, something I consider to be pretty basic functionality. Coupled with their simply broken support for .gif and .png images, the only reason I'm still with Blogger at the moment is because of their huge image allowance (of which I am using only 1%) and because I'm a stubborn bastard.

Until Google reinstate the 'other' commenter option (don't hold your breath, they're Google, they don't have to listen to anyone), please feel free to sign off your comments with something like:



zhoen said...

Blooger is the worst, except for all the others.

Pacian said...

The chief reason I get so annoyed at Blogger is that it's messing up such a great service. What are they going to break next? >:-|

Just to be even-handed, I can't switch to Wordpress because: I upload too many photos, I like my random headers and I hate the way clicking a post's tags will search all Wordpress blogs.

Diddums said...

I was all set to make the move to Wordpress and then came across a couple of comments saying that they have a lot of spam on Wordpress, and it's rising - maybe they were (slightly) better known blogs anyway! But it made me think twice about moving, because I get almost no spam on Blogigo.

They also said there's a limited selection of templates if you go on the free version of Wordpress, which I was going to... but I suspect the selection will be no smaller than Blogigo's anyway. And presumably customizable?

It occurred to me I'm hardly in a position to grumble about URLs not appearing in comments from non-Blogger blogs, because Blogigo has been doing something similar ever since it changed to allow comments from the outside world!

What a quandary - no perfect blog space anywhere...

MAIN BLOG: http://www.blogigo.co.uk/diddums

Geosomin said...

I can't help but wonder if they charged a minimal fee for it they might do better. But the cheap side of me keeps saying...well it's free so how much can I really complain about it.
I too am miffed at the whole lack of link in signatures...and am too lazy to move anywhere else...

Pacian said...

Yeah, sorry, but I hate the argument, 'It's free so you can't complain.' Why can't I complain?

It's obviously physically possible, as I did it in this post. Is it because we should expect all free things to be crap? But some free things are actually very good. Why then can't we complain to:

A. Let people know which free things are good or not?

B. Let the people making these free things learn how to improve?