Keaton Collaborators

I've been meaning to do this for a while now. Watching Buster Keaton's films, I tend to spend a lot of time going, "Hey, that guy was in one of Keaton's other films, but I can't remember what his name is!" The internet is little help in this regard, there being no pages that list Buster Keaton's collaborators, regulars, favourite actors, whatever you want to call them. Wouldn't it be great, I thought, if there were somewhere on the net where you could match the faces to the names?

So here it is. Ordered by the number of Keaton films they've featured in, Buster Keaton's little gang - or at least, all the faces that I find memorable from his films. (Mouse-over the pictures to see which movie they're from.)

Joe Roberts - 18 Busters

Joe Roberts in The Goat
A long-time friend of Buster's, he played menacing and/or comic characters of large stature in pretty much all of his short films. Sadly, he died of a stroke in 1923, meaning that he only had the chance to appear in two of Keaton's feature length pictures.

Virginia Fox - 10 Busters

Buster Keaton and Virginia Fox in The Haunted House
The daughter of the man who gave the Fox studio its name, Virginia played brash, alluring women in many of Buster's short films.

Joe Keaton - 10 Busters

Joe Keaton in Sherlock Jr
Joe, father of Buster, played numerous small parts in his son's films - often sporting ridiculous make-up.

Sybil Seely - 5 Busters

Sybil Seely in The Scarecrow
The other leading lady common to many of Keaton's short films, Seely was more obviously pretty than Fox, but generally played less interesting characters.

Snitz Edwards - 3 Busters

Snitz Edwards in Seven Chances
A prolific character actor of the 1920s, Keaton obviously liked the look of his versatile face, casting him in prominent roles in three of his feature length pictures.

Erwin Connelly - 3 Busters

Erwin Connelly in Sherlock Jr
Memorable more for his interesting face than the size of his roles, Connelly had parts in three of Keaton's feature length pictures, most notably as a villain in Sherlock Jr.


tinker said...

What a cool quick reference you've created here, Pacian. And what a great dad Buster must have had to go along with all that - it's hard enough to get many dad's to sit still for a family portrait, and they don't even have to put on make-up.

zhoen said...

Cool, to have the images right there, all together.

I assume you got the names off the IMDB.

Pacian said...

The names themselves were easy enough to get from the DVDs, but IMDb did help match them to the faces, and also to determine how many Keaton films they had each appeared in.

Wikipedia and Google had their uses as well.

Udge said...

Reasons to love the Internets, part 377.