It's Christmas Eve Eve - the day before Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is experiencing the proper levels of childish excitement. Two of my favourite Christmas movies are on TV today: A Muppet Christmas Carol and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, making it easy to get into the festive spirit.

I'm going to be busy having Christmas over the next couple of days, so let me just leave you with a little treat: fast-talking, bearded American Todd Barber, lead propulsion engineer for Cassini, has a holiday video message from Saturn here, complete with captions for the hard of hearing. It's a video message of alien mountains and organic dunes, which, after all, is what Christmas is all about.

I hope you all have a lovely, stress-free Christmas with much warmth, happiness and consumption of traditional foodstuffs. ¡Feliz navidad!


zhoen said...

Good Yule.

We have a dvd of Cecilia Bartoli: Live in Italy, which feels wonderfully festive.

tinker said...

I AM most properly childishly excited about Christmas (but then I'm rather childish by nature :). Those are two of my movie favorites, too.
Hope you have a very merry Christmas, Pacian!

susanna said...

Merry Christmas! Hope you're having a fabulous time in your part of the world. So glad that we "met" this past year. You always have me smiling and laughing with your posts and comments. Hope the New Year brings you more Love and Happiness, Friendship and Inspiration! Cheers!