O Typepad, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? et al.

Typepad seems to have decided it hates me all of a sudden. On the rare occasion that the comments box actually loads, it then times out when I try to submit it. I get the same thing happening when I try to comment with my old computer so it must either be a problem with Typepad or my ISP. Given that other people are clearly able to comment on the same blogs that I'm trying to, I strongly suspect that Typepad really must hate me all of a sudden. I wonder what I did?

Perhaps I should try and email some flowers to the Typepad server?

EDIT: As mysteriously as the problem began, it has now ended.


Diddums said...

Would it be a browser-specific problem?

Pacian said...

I tried three different browsers on this machine. I did only try Opera on my old one, so I guess I haven't covered all the options.

May try IE on my old comp, just as a last ditch effort...

tinker said...

O Pacian, is this why thou hast forsaken me?

Other people with Blogger have reported to me (via e-mail)m similar problems. Perhaps it's a tiff between the competing blog providers...

Pacian said...

Tinker, there you are! I was considering emailing you myself. I've been trying to post this on your good news/bad news post:

"Tinker, I wonder if Typepad will finally let me post a comment congratulating you, as I have been trying to do since Friday!

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