Retro Photo Quest: Space Year 2006

For various reasons, I've been looking at images from the 1920s at Wikimedia Commons. Here's something I found that I really like in and of itself:

Feeling down? Learn some science, foo'!

In context, given that this is a page from a 'sex hygiene manual' which includes other illustrations such as 'women love he-men', I believe that the 'natural laws' in question may actually be heteronormative standards. Which only makes my materialist perversion of this image all the sweeter, I think.

This is gorgeousness on a gold-plated stick:

A photograph illustrating the popular 'bob' hairstyle. No idea who she is, but she's certainly beautiful.

Are your children tired and cranky? Jayne's Vermifuge is the answer!

Click here to view this image. For some reason blogger decided to create a .png thumbnail with a huge filesize. I love blogger for giving us no control whatsoever over compression - especially because it always seems to do it way too much or way too little!

Look at these cuties:

Some teenage Minnesotans in 1924.

This one caught my eye, for obvious reasons:

Robert Goddard posing by his invention, the liquid-fuelled rocket. It'll never amount to anything, I tells ya!


Michelle said...

I love that first one! She just doesn't understand the serotonin depletion in her brain! But wait, they didn't have Zoloft back then. Hmmm.

Perhaps her cat just ate her canary.

Sioux said...

I remember when the dr. told me my girls had worms...I was young, and horrified!! Of course, kids get worms...but I just couldn't believe it. I did grow up!

Love the beautiful gal with the bob!

arse poetica said...

Great pix, Pacian! I'm over here visiting you when I should be working on my deadline (but I don' waaaaannnaaa, she whined). This was just the palate cleanser I needed. Thanks.