Pink Moon

So I'm finally changing from the default templates towards something a little more personal. My webcomics links have taken a bit of a beating - I'll sort them out later. I'm sure you all recognise the world in the header image - it's certainly one of my own favourite moons. If I've never blogged about it before, it's simply because no-one has been there in about 17 years.

Triton is Neptune's largest moon - the third body in the solar system discovered to be volcanically active (after Earth and Io), and the second moon (after Titan) discovered to have an atmosphere (albeit a very thin one). One of the really intriguing things about Triton (aside from the fact that it's pink) is that it's very clear that it didn't form in its present neighbourhood, but instead was captured by Neptune after they had both formed. Add to that the fact that Triton seems very similar to Pluto (taking into account that we know relatively very little about Pluto at the moment) and that Pluto's eccentric orbit crosses Neptune's, and you have two worlds that are apparently siblings somehow.

Triton is the larger of the two, by the way. Just sayin'.

It may turn out, once we know more (for example, after New Horizons reaches Pluto), that Triton was the first Kuiper Belt Object we ever got a good look at. If you're interested in getting a good look at it yourself, the full version of the image I used can be found here.


Floraine Kay said...

I miss the moon -- hearing about it and space travel. I remember when that was a big news topic here. Now it's just another kind of "space" -- that looney one inside W's head.

I like the changes in your blog.

Diddums said...

Am downloading the New Horizons screensaver. Not convinced it will be wonderful, but all the PC has anyway is 3D pipes and flying windows.

tinker said...

I like the new banner. I think moons look much better in pink, than say, green cheese (which really isn't a good color on anyone).


Michelle said...

I like your new look. I have been messing around with my blog as well. Yours looks nicer. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Pacian said...

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I'm seeing more and more of this sort of comment. Your post is certainly of relevance, but since I created my header using a public domain image and my own picture editing software, you'll excuse me if I delete your comment for the unsolicited advertising that it is.

(Belated thanks to the rest of you who commented.)